What is Commercial Liquor Liability?

commercial liquor store

Alcohol can impair a person’s judgment and critical thinking skills. This impairment increases the risk of accidents. Therefore, if you are the owner of a business that serves, sells, or distributes alcohol, you need Commercial Liquor Liability. 

What does Commercial Liquor Liability Cover?

Commercial Liquor Liability helps to protect your business in the event of a property damage or bodily injury lawsuit caused by the consumption of alcohol distributed or served by your establishment. Legal fees, settlements, property damage repair expenses, assault & battery, drunk driving, and medical bills are some of the other items covered by this coverage. 

Can I Operate Without Commercial Liquor Liability Insurance?

If your business serves, sells, or distributes liquor or beer, you should consider Commercial Liquor Liability Insurance. Such businesses (not limited too) as restaurants, caterers, liquor stores, event producers, food trucks, grocery stores, etc. would fall into this category.  

Liquor Liability is NOT included in a standard Commercial General Liability policy. Therefore, neglecting to have a separate policy or endorsement on your General Liability policy for Liquor Liability, could result in out-of-pocket expenses, loss of your business’ liquor license or even the permanent closure of your business. Operating without this coverage is risky and, in many cases, government agencies, landlords and special events will require your business to carry such coverage.

Commercial Liquor Liability Insurance with Insurance Risk Advisory Group

The costs of your Commercial Liquor Liability will vary depending on your industry, business size, coverage limits, experience, location, safety protocols, training, liquor sales, etc. If you have any further questions about obtaining Commercial Liquor Liability, contact our team at Insurance Risk Advisory Group for guidance.

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