The Value of Comprehensive Personal Auto Insurance

Having a car crash is never a good experience, but there’s a way to soften the blow of these unfortunate occurrences, at least financially through a comprehensive personal auto insurance policy.

Having a comprehensive personal auto insurance policy will help to mitigate and reduce possible financial loss when a car accident occurs. Without personal auto insurance, the costs of a car accident can be devastating, regardless of who is at fault. Choosing an unreliable car insurance provider to be more cost-effective can leave you with high deductibles and no funds to fall back on if your vehicle is totaled. Medical costs and damaged vehicles in car accidents can have enormous costs. All it takes is one uninsured accident to cause irreversible financial damage.

Personal Auto Insurance Coverages

Florida residents are required to purchase Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage Liability. However, it is highly recommended that drivers also obtain other coverages offered on a personal auto policy. Such coverage includes (not limited too) liability, uninsured motorists, medical expenses, rental, towing, etc. Working with an advisor can help you determine what coverage will be best.

The Effects of an Accident on Motor Vehicle Record and Insurance Rates

When a car accident occurs, you may receive points on your motor vehicle record if you are cited at fault. Points stay on your record for up to three years. In Florida, the law states that if you receive more than 12 points in a 12-month period, your driver’s license will be suspended. Insurance companies take these points into account when determining your rates – the more points you have, the higher you could pay for insurance. On the contrary, insurance premiums for drivers who consistently keep a clean driving record with zero points will see a lower rate. Insurance companies typically assess your risk based on your driving history, how you use the vehicle, credit score and claims history.

Personal Auto Insurance with Insurance Risk Advisory Group

If you are seeking personal auto insurance that offers comprehensive coverage and an agency with reliable service, get in touch with an advisor at Insurance Risk Advisory Group. Our team of experts will provide coverage direction and create a personalized auto policy for the protection you need.

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