When you own specialty vehicles or home products, specialty insurance coverage is the best way to keep your assets protected. Sadly, generic insurance policies may not provide the protection you need or enable you to take the right response. A dedicated insurance product will provide a far better solution.

Here at Insurance Risk Advisory Group, we help individuals and families with their specialty personal coverage insurance policies. Whether it’s a single unique vehicle or multiple assets, protect your finances and peace of mind today.

Specialty Personal Coverage

As a homeowner or vehicle owner, preventing accidents or vandalism is always at the top of your agenda. However, you can’t remove all potential vulnerabilities, which is why protecting yourself so that you can handle the financial fallout of negative or unenviable situations is vital for all.

There are approximately, 200,000 car crashes in Florida each year, for example, and your motorbike or RV isn’t any less at risk. Thankfully, taking out the right specialty personal coverage will deliver a range of rewards, such as:

  • Satisfy your legal obligations to insure your property or vehicles
  • Give yourself legal protection in case of a road accident
  • Know that you can have the costs of vandalism or other damages covered
  • Protect yourself against other liabilities linked to owning those assets
  • Establish a clear response plan should unwanted situations occur

Specialty personal coverage doesn’t only insure you tomorrow, though, it also delivers peace of mind today. Moreover, the insurance policies can protect you across the Sunshine State and beyond, which is vital when dealing with specialty vehicles.

Specialty Personal Insurance Built Around You

An estimated 1 in 8 drivers is uninsured. You cannot afford to be one of them as failure to protect yourself and your assets could lead to severe legal and financial repercussions. In addition to protecting your vehicle or home, though, specialty personal coverage can include bodily injury or physical damage as well as personal liability.

The fact that you need to protect your health and liability as well as the product is just one reason why a tailored specialty insurance policy should be created. Insurance Risk Advisory Group includes a range of individual elements, including but not limited to:

  • Solar liability insurance
  • Motorcycle & ATV insurance
  • Recreational vehicle insurance
  • Golf cart insurance 
  • Boat & watercraft insurance

Whether you need to buy a specialty personal insurance policy for one asset or combine protection for multiple vehicles or tier 2 solar power systems, Insurance Risk Advisory Group’s team of experts will deliver the best results to reduce your vulnerabilities. To find out more about any of the above insurance products, get in touch today.

Protect Yourself Today

Specialty personal insurance policies can be bought to protect newly purchased assets or items that you’ve owned for years. Either way, it’s imperative that you gain the assistance of an expert who understands the complexities of protecting specialty assets. Insurance Risk Advisory Group will assess your circumstances to find the very best solution.

Before buying insurance policies, you need to know that it is aligned with your personal needs. Our professionals will help you consider all key questions, such as:

  • Does the policy cover you against possible vulnerabilities?
  • Is the level of financial coverage enough to protect you against the worst scenarios?
  • Will vehicle insurance protect you in every location where you use the vehicle?
  • Do solar liability insurance policies satisfy local utility company requirements?
  • Is the process of making a claim quick and convenient?

Crucially, you need to know that the coverage levels are at the desired levels, which is why Insurance Risk Advisory Group is the perfect partner. To arrange a consultation and put the right coverage in place, call our experts today.